Get The Best Answer- What Is A UV Water Purifier?

The advancement of purifier product research has created the foundation for a modern product-Uv water purifier. The great productivity and efficiency it brings to our water supply make it popular worldwide.

So, what interesting features does this machine have? What is a UV water purifier? What are the disadvantages and advantages of a water purifier? Don’t waste any more time. Let’s scroll down and discover the answer together!

What Is A UV Water Purifier and How Does It Work?

If you have little or no idea about a UV water purifier, this article will be useful for you! This article will answer all your questions about the UV water purifier regarding definition, operation, and other relevant facts!

What Is A Uv Water Purifier?

The UV water purifier is a product that uses ultraviolet light to filter and deactivate water. Thanks to this wavelength system, the DNA of organisms in the water source will be attacked and destroyed. UV radiation also damages the nucleotide acids in the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and fungi present in water.

Uv water purifier
The Uv water purifier helps the inactivation of organisms in the water.

These organisms are capable of attacking the human gastrointestinal tract and causing disease. Luckily, you can get rid of them by using a UV water purifier. They will no longer be able to reproduce and cause disease in your body!

How Does The Uv Purifier Work?

The UV water purifier has a fairly easy-to-understand operation. Let’s dig deeper to know how this system works!

More specifically, a UV water purifier function is based on the operation of the UV lamp system in the machine. This system consists of ultraviolet rays operating at standard power (254 nanometers). They form an ideal radiation screen to deactivate the water.

This UV curtain is in front of the flow chamber, where the water source passes. While operating, the water that passes through this UV system will be sterile immediately. As a result, you can enjoy the fresh water coming out of this machine. How convenient it is!

By possessing this easy yet extremely effective performance, UV water purifiers have become popular globally. People consider this an ideal solution to filter water sources from ponds, lakes, streams, etc.

Freshwater coming from the Uv water purifier.
See Dow Ultraviolet (UV) Kills Bacteria & Viruses

Which Limitations Does The UV Purifier have?

Although the UV water machine has the basis of modern filtration technology, it also has a limitation.

Despite its capability of removing organisms in water, UV water purifiers can not remove debris and contaminants such as chlorine, VOCs‘. Fortunately, there is always a solution for this issue! It will help if you apply another filtration system to the water before using the UV water purifier.

Which Advantages Do The Uv Purifier Provide?

If you choose a UV water purifier, you will not regret the benefits it brings! 

First of all, a UV water purifier gives you extremely fast uptime. As soon as you turn on the power, it will work and filter the water immediately. Another amazing thing is that this product can also filter water continuously for a long time!

Besides, the filtration system of the UV water purifier does not contain any impurities. That’s why by using it, you can keep the original state of the water, including its color, taste, and odor.

Advantages of Uv Purifier
There are no impurities contained in a Uv water purifier.

The UV filter lamp system eliminates almost all organisms and pathogens present in the water. Subsequently, the filtered water is completely clean and harmless to the human body.

UV water purifiers have become a popular product on the market, so it won’t be too difficult to find one. Nevertheless, its reasonable price is also a reason why people favor this system. Even if you buy spare parts, you won’t have a problem with the price!

Does A UV Water Purifier Have Any Drawbacks?

Despite the fact that UV water purifiers bring good results, they also have many disadvantages for users. It will be best if you consider this downside of the system carefully before making a purchase decision! 

The power supply is a must for UV water purifiers. If your home suddenly loses power, you will encounter a big problem! This machine is unsuitable for areas where there is often a lack of electricity, like those remote rural areas.

The next problem you will face is that this product can only be applied to clear water. The filtration system will be in big trouble if the water source contains mud or debris. In such cases, you would better treat the water with a clean filtration system before using the UV water purifier.

Another thing that bothers users is that UV rays are not recognizable to the naked eye. Thus, most people have a hard time identifying a light bulb showing signs of fading and failing.

Drawbacks of UV water purifier?
Keep your water out of debris before filtering with the Uv water purifier.

Lastly, the weak UV light system will reduce the efficiency of water purification. If this situation continues for a long time without repair, you must replace the new lighting system. The manufacturer recommends that you change the bulb at least once a year to keep the efficiency in the best condition to prevent this trouble.

What Are The Manufacturers And Prices Of Uv Purifiers?

As many manufacturers produce UV water purifiers, you will have more choices to choose from. Among these brands, the four most popular manufacturers are ClearChoice, PurTest, Trojan, and Sterilight. They are four world-renowned suppliers of quality water purifiers that come at an ideal price.

Moreover, the more modern the product, the higher the price it costs. For example, the two expensive water purifiers – Trojan Uvmax Model A water purifier and the high-end Model, cost more than other products in the same segment due to their big capacity that can handle up to 25 GPM.

The Uv water filtration helps remove tiny organisms in your drinking water.

Meanwhile, the mid-range cleaner PurTest’s PURPLE-20 can handle only 20 GPM (1) costs lower than the two above products. What about Sterilight? This company offers a wide range of products at various prices.

ClearChoice delights its users by featuring a five-stage reverse osmosis mode. Hence, ClearChoice’s products are also slightly more expensive than its competitors.


What Does A UV Disinfection Remove?

A UV Disinfection features the inactivation of living organisms in drinking water. Most of them are all organisms harmful to human health, which should be removed to avoid health hazards.

What Specific Organisms Can A Water Purifier Product Of This Type Remove?

Those organisms include Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Salmonella, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, E. coli. In addition, it also helps eliminate pathogens such as Dysentery bacilli, Streptococcus, Hepatitis B, Cholera.

Cryptosporidium- a dangerous pathogen to human life.

Fungi and Algae will disappear completely after the water passes through the UV water purifier. In addition, you might be surprised to know that this machine also removes some viruses and bacteria in the water!

Overall, it’s obvious that deactivating water before drinking will help us avoid potential pathogens.

Do UV Water Purifiers Really Work?

If you doubt the efficiency of your UV water purifier, our results will surely surprise you!

In detail, the UV water purifier is indeed a product with better performance than expected. This machine can inactivate nearly 100% of organisms in water (99.99%) – an amazing number!

Do UV Water Purifiers Work?
The Uv water purifier can give your water an amazing purity.

Besides good quality, it can also work continuously for a long time. During the filtration process, the manufacturers ensure there will be no contamination of water with any impurities. Therefore, your drinking water is always fresh and harmless to your health!

Are UV Water Purifiers Safe For People?

All that UV water purifiers bring is a guarantee of safety for human health. Hence, do not doubt its safety!

Ultraviolet water treatment is extremely reassuring as it does not change any of the water’s components. Also, ultraviolet rays do not contain any chemicals for the water source, so the water will never be contaminated.

Compared to other water treatment methods (such as chlorine), UV water purifiers are safer for people. It can effectively remove tiny harmful protozoa that make it difficult for other ways. Also, maintenance is easier and does not pose any risk to water sources or human health as well.

Enjoy freshwater with the UV water purifier.
Enjoy freshwater with the UV water purifier.

Final Verdict

UV water deactivation brings so many benefits to the water you are consuming and your health. The ease of use and effective productivity of it make a good impression on consumers who are using it!

If you intend to buy this product, make sure you know well about its disadvantages and limitations for the best result! So, what is a Uv water purifier and how does it work? After this article, we hope you do not find any difficulty in reaching the answer. See you in the next blog. Have a nice day!

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